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About Andaman XP

Andaman XP is an online travel portal run by “The Himalayan Odyssey”, was founded in 2017 by a young, enthusiastic, seriously fun loving and committed individual primarily with an objective to offer value-add services by organizing amazing Andaman Tours and cruise packages besides customized packages. Currently, we focus primarily on tours around every region of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

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While our business objective is to promote adventure travel, add zing and fun to the lives of travel enthusiasts we are fiercely serious about providing the “best in class” experience and thereby deliver ‘value for money’ to our customers! We believe that our young corporate startup status provides the right flexibility, dynamism and capability to quickly respond to the voice of the customer and ever changing tastes and preferences. It has been our constant endeavor to innovate and meet customer needs efficiently on a sustained basis.

Team 94%
Hotels 87%
Sightseeing 89%
Cruises 51%

What We Can Offer?

We don’t do different things but we do things differently – some of our notable differentiators are:

As a corporate we promote  ‘Fast and Furious Adventure Travel’ – However, we are very much aware of the market trends, changing expectations – We think creatively and come up with ideas that best serves the customer interests optimally.

At andamanxp.com we believe we are here for the long haul and revolutionize adventure travel services as we go along in our journey with your continued patronage.

Contact Us At: info@andamanxp.com

Research and design trips to un/under explored destinations.

Rigorous quality standards to select best suppliers for organizing trips – We continually evaluate our suppliers on varied parameters to deliver the best at all times!

We are the single nodal agency to cater to all customer needs – No need for customers to negotiate with multiple parties.

100% delivery of all commitments – non reneged so far!

Meet the Team

Pankaj Uday

Andaman Head

Ishan Sharma

Marketing Manager

Sourabh Goyal


Narendra Negi


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