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Anthropology is one of the most interesting fields of study in any part of the world. Encompassing a wide range of topics anthropology deals with the evolution of mankind from a more socio-historical perspective. To this end, one must understand that the indigenous cultures of the Andaman Islands have been one of the most alluring topics and themes which have whet the interests of academicians all across the world. Realizing this, the anthropological museum had been started and ever since it has become an important national landmark which is a big favourite with anthropologists, historians, sociologists, culture analysts, writers and so on and so forth. It is home to some of the most fascinating artifacts and facts that the region has to its credit and pride. It is visited by thousands that travel to the picturesque island all through the year.

The Anthropological Museum in Andaman was established in the year 1975 and is situated at the Phoenix Bay. While there is much that the museum has in display, one of the major things that are represented are the facts and the artifacts of the indigenous community that had lived there for a long time, and that are often sidelined from the mainstream culture of the islands and the nation at large. They have pictures, paintings, handicrafts, and so on and so forth which serve as a record of the traditional heritage of the communities that live there. A lot of it is termed “primitive, however, modern anthropologists and historians are trying to move away from these notions. This museum is one of those that try to display the beauty in all of these cultures and communities that have been sidelined for way too long. In a way, the museum is a symbol of respect for all of the mishaps that have been inflicted upon the tribes of the Andamans. The traditions of these people revolve around a sense of kinship and community that binds them with a common language, common ways of life, belief systems, value systems, laws and so on and so forth.

The Anthropological Museum also shows the evolution of these people over the centuries that their ancestors and they have inhabited the place. However, research in this area has been scanty and therefore it is encouraged to invest more in these topics which are such crucial realities of the world. The museum displays a plethora of things that are from physical anthropology, historical anthropology, social anthropology, cultural anthropology, and a few others. From among these, the physical anthropology section has the most number of artifacts. There are also models of the houses in which the people lived and the way in which they worked in the fields, and other professions that guided the lives of the people in general. Except for the national holidays of India and Mondays and Tuesdays, one can visit this museum at any other point of time during the year. It has become a hot favourite with not just the academicians but also with regular tourists who visit the islands.

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