Corbyn’s Cove and Chidiya Tapu

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The best beach within easy reach of the capital lies just over 5km southeast at Corbyn’s Cove, a small arc of smooth white sand backed by a swaying curtain of palms. There’s a large hotel here , but the water isn’t particularly clear, and bear in mind that lying around scantily clothed may bring you considerable attention from crowds of local workers.

For more isolation, rent a moped or take a taxi 30km south to Chiriya Tapu (Bird Island) not actually an island, but a peninsula at the tip of South Andaman. Other than at lunchtime, when it often receives a deluge of bus parties, the beach offers plenty of peace and quiet, with forest walks on the woodcutter’s trails that wind inland from it and easy access to an inshore reef. However, the water here is nowhere ner as clear as at some spots in the archipelago, and serious snorkelers and divers should enquire if any boats are going out from the big hotels to volcanic Cinque Island, a couple of hours further south. It’s also possible to charter your own fishing boat here ask around the bar in the village, and expect to pay around Rs 3000 per boat for the return trip to Cinque.

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India